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[讨论] Mega Duck / Cougar Boy游戏简介(附游戏目录)


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机种:Mega Duck / Cougar Boy
制造商:Welback Holdings / Creatonic
类型:handheld game console
Welback Holdings香港电子游戏和玩具制造商,通过与其他公司Creatonic、Videojet、Timlex国际分工制造出的一款游戏掌机,并在1993年发布进入游戏市场,销往南美洲的巴西,欧洲的法国、荷兰和德国等,竞争对手为任天堂Game boy,Mega Duck也被称为Cougar Boy,第四世代掌机,和同时期香港制造的另一款掌机Watara Supervision类似,与之相比略宽,按钮和连接器大致相同,大部分游戏都是台湾省台北市聖謙企業股份有限公司出的,相关网站已发布30多款游戏。
The Mega Duck WG-108 (also known as Cougar Boy) is a handheld game console similar to the Nintendo Game Boy, or the Watara Supervision. That was developed and manufactured by Hong Kong-based Welback Holdings through its Timlex International division, and released in 1993.It was marketed under various different brands worldwide including Creatronic and Videojet. It was sold for about fl 129 in the Netherlands, and for a similar price in France and Germany. In South America (mainly in Brazil), the Chinese-made Creatronic version was distributed by Cougar USA, also known as "Cougar Electronic Organization", and sold as the "Cougar Boy".

CPU : MOS version of the Z80 (embedded in the main VLSI)
Clockspeed : 4.194304 MHz
RAM : 16 KB in two 8K chips (Goldstar GM76C88LFW)
System logic : 80 pins VLSI chip
LCD : 2.7" (48 (h) x 51 (w) mm) STN dot matrix. resolution 160×144 at 59.732155 Hz
Grayscales : 4 levels of dark blue on a green background
Player controls : 4 directional keys, A, B, Select and Start keys
Other controls : On/off switch and contrast and volume regulators
Sound : Built in speaker (8Ω 200 mW) and stereo headset output
Dimensions : 155 (l) x 97 (w) x32 (h) mm
Weight : 249 g (w/o batteries)
Power : Four AA batteries or AC adapter 6VDC/300mA
Current consumption : 700 mW
Play duration : 15 hours on one set of four AA batteries
Expansion Interface : Serial link for two player games (6 pins), or external joystick.
Game medium : 36 pins ROM cartridge, 63 (l) x 54 (w) mm and 7 mm thick, 17 gram.




附1  游戏目录
游戏目录中Sachen、Commin都属于Sachen (聖謙企業股份有限公司 in Chinese)
2nd Space (Sachen)(1993)
Arctic Zone (Commin)(1993)
Ant Soldiers
Armoured Force
Bomb Disposer (Commin)(1993)
Beast Fighter
Black Forest tale
Captain Knick Knack
Commin 5 in 1 (Commin)(1993)
Dice Block
Duck Adventures
Electron World
Five in one
Four in One
Magic Maze (Commin)(1993)
Magic Tower (Sachen)(1993)
Mega Duck 4 in 1 Game (Sachen)(1993)
Pile Wonder (Commin)(1993)
Puppet Knight
Railway (Sachen)(1993)
Snake Roy
Street Rider (Commin)(1993)
Suleuman's Treasure (Commin)(1993)
Trouble Zone
Trap and Turn (Commin)(1993)
The Brick Wall (Timlex International)(1993)
Vex Vex (Commin)(1993)
Virus Attack
Worm Visitor

附2  相关网站
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签到天数: 20 天


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