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[新闻] [多机种模拟器]DSP Emulator v0.22


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DSP 0.22 15/11/23
    +Addeded documentation, 'DSP small guide' and 'DSP how to compile'
    +New main Snapshot system
        -New unified ROM/game/snapshot/tape load/save system
        -New unified snapshot data extractor system
        -Added a new counter to count all timings of the CPU, used in Asteroids, Circus Charlie, Gyruss, Hypersports, and many others...
            +Fixed timings before internal timer call
            +Added some opcodes for 2xNOP and 3xNOP
        -NEC V20/V30/V33
            +Implemented sound timers
            +Added NMI
            +Added many EA types
            +Fixed PUSH/POP CPU flags
            +Added opcodes $0f18, $0f19, $0f1a, $0f1b, $0f1c, $0f1d, $31, $34, $68, $6a, $6b, $82, $8308, $8320, $8330, $8d, $91, $92, $93, $94, $95, $97, $c008, $c020, $c028, $c120, $c128, $c8, $c9, $d110, $d200, $d220, $d228, $d3, $e3, $e4, $ec, $ee, $ef, $f2a4, $f2a5, $f2af, $f618, $f620, $f630, $f720, $f728, $f730 and $f738
            +Added (again) functions to change CPU timmings
            +Fixed some timmings and timming calculation
            +Fixed timings before internal timer call
            +Some updates to internal procedures
            +Added snapshots
            +Change ime flag to 'disabled' on reset (Fixes Hook)
            +Fixed HALT opcode, fixes many Gameboy Color Konami games
            +Added external IO, and fixed internal IO
            +Fixed conditional jumps
            +Fixed ROM reads with and without PC increment
            +Fixed CPU clock init
            +Fixed IRQs
            +Added opcodes $25, $45, $70, $71 and $90
            +Fixed opcodes $80, $81, $a3, $b3 and $e3
            +Added snapshots
            +Rewrited sound part
            +Fixed audio buffer
            +Fixed dpcm sound... But clicks a lot
        -UPD7810: Added snapshots
        -Sega VDP (SMS/GG): Added snapshots
        -Changed function rol90 name to rot270
        -Added rot180 to rotate screen 180 degrees
        -Fixed main screen flip x and flip y, now can be used both
        -UPD1771: Added snapshots
        -Konami Sound: video line not needed any more
            +Added volume
            +Uploaded samples for Bosconian and Gaplus
        -Seibu sound
            +Rewrited and converted to class
            +Added internal Z80, ADPCM, sound chip and controls
            +Changed CPU mappers to internal
            +Removed fake adpcm, using standar MSM5205
        -MSM5205: converted to class
        -OKI6295: Fixed playing voices
        -VIA6522: Added device
        -Namco IO 56XX-58XX-59XX
            +Changed to classes
            +Added IO 59XX
            +Implemented timers to internal
        -I2Cmem: added i2c eeproms, with snapshots support
            +Mix two source files
            +Converted to classes
            +Fixed 16bits writes
            +Added functions to load/save content
            +Added E93CXX devices
    +Tape System
        -Added procedures to call before play and after stop tape
        -Fixed WAV format tapes loading
        -Added Oric TAP file format support
        -Fixed main speed changes when a tape is playing
    +Disk: added DSK format for Oric disks
    +GFX: fixed gfx rotate when graphics are not square
    +File engine: changed CRC variable to unsigned 32bits
        +Fixed press 'ESC' for close pop-up windows
        +Fixed some spellings
        +Some cosmetical changes
        +Fixed controls, when pressing left+right or up+down at the same time
        +Started to implement parent drivers (ROMs loading and ROMs export), for example Xevious and Super Xevious, they share ROMs, but they are not the same arcade.
        +Updated Preview Images
    +Fixed screen refresh when changed screen resolution
    +Changed 'fast load' button
        -Disabled if no tape is loaded
        -Set 'on' by default when 'TAP' file is loaded
        -Set 'off' by default when 'TXZ' file is loaded
-Amstrad CPC
    +Added the new ROM/tape/snapshot load system
    +Enabled Z80 timings (fixes Saboteur II and many others)
    +Rewrited video to update screen pixel by pixel
    +Fixed tape loading with new Z80 timings
    +Fixed keyboard matrix reads (Fixes 'Night Shade')
-Commodore 64
    +Added the new ROM/tape/snapshot load system
    +Swapped joystick 0 and joystick 1
    +Added F1 to start/stop tape loading
-Chip 8
    +Added the new ROM load game system
    +Added snapshots
    +Moved to new snapshot system
    +Added eeprom to snapshot (if present)
    +Black Onix: Added 24C08 eeprom
    +Boxxled: Added 24C256 eeprom
-GameBoy/GameBoy Color
    +Added the new ROM load game system
    +Added snapshots
    +Modernized mappers, better mapper reset
    +Changed a bit screen timings
    +Added 'Wisdom Treee' mapper
    +Added partial mapper MBC6
    +Added snapshots
    +Modernized mappers
    +Added black&white palette
    +Changed a bit screen timings
    +Added the new ROM load game system
    +Fixed mapper 9
    +Added partial mapper 10 (thanks to Neville)
-Sega SG-1000
    +Added the new ROM load game system
    +Added snapshots
    +Added a new game file format '.MV'
    +Safari Hunting: Fixed cartridge mirroring, not works
-Sega GameGear
    +Added the new ROM load game system
    +Fixed CPU and sound creation order (emulator can crash)
    +Added snapshots
-Sega Master System
    +Added the new ROM load game system
    +Added snapshots
    +Fixed BIOS+Game loading, now supports all extra BIOS+Game for all systems
    +Fixed international detection, now detects the system via $3F port
    +Fixed model change NTSC/PAL
    +Fixed CPU and sound creation order (emulator can crash)
-SuperCassete Vision
    +Added the new ROM load game system
    +Added snapshots
    +Fixed ROM loading, all available games now works
-Casio PV-1000
    +Added new console, supports sound, controls
    +Added snapshots
    +All available games working
-Casio PV-2000
    +Added new console, supports sound, controls, keyboard...
    +Added snapshots
    +All available games working
-Oric HW
    +Added support for tape loading, AY-8910 sound and keyboard
        -Oric 1: added driver with sound
        -Oric Atmos: added driver with sound
    +Added preliminary disc support, not working
-Bloodbros HW
    +Added new seibu sound system
    +Added new seibu sound system
-Centipede HW
        -Fixed dip
        -Fixed video
        -Fixed controls
        -Fixed colors, now using indirect palette
    +Millipede: added driver with sound
-Circus Charlie
    +Fixed sprites
    +Added driver with sound
-Donkey Kong HW
    +Fixed screen flip
    +Enhanced IRQs
-Galaga HW
    +Added DIPs to all drivers
    +Added all remain controls to all drivers
    +DigDug: Simplified background render
    +Super Xevious: Added driver with sound
-Galaxian HW
    +Added DIPs to all drivers
    +Added all remain controls to all drivers
        -Updated ROMs
        -Added background color
    +Added driver with sound and samples
-Gun.Smoke HW
    +Added sound CPU reset line
-Irem M63 HW
    +Wily Tower: added driver with sound
    +Fighting Basketball: added driver with sound
-Legendary Wings HW
    +Section Z: fixed audio
-Mappy HW
    +Added DIPs to all drivers
    +Added all remain controls to all drivers
    +Changed to new Namco 5X IO driver
    +Grobda: added driver with sound
    +Pac & Pal: Added driver with sound
-Mega Sys 1 HW
    +64th Street: fixed sprites
-Missile Command HW
    +Missile Command: added driver with sound
    +Super Missile Attack: added driver with sound
-Mug Smashers
    +Added driver with sound
    +Added DIPs switches
    +Fixed a stupid bug with palette change
    +Change screen parameters
-Pacman HW
    +Birdiy: added driver with sound
    +Added new driver, but have some CPU bugs, sounds fails and controls are not working
-Sega System 1/2 HW
    +Changed Z80 timings, fixes Pitfall II intro
-Shadow Warriors HW
    +Shadow Warriors: added driver with sound
    +Wild Fang/Tecmo knight: added driver with sound
-Steel Force HW
    +Steel Force: added driver with sound
    +Twin Brats: added driver with sound
-Taito SJ HW
    +Added DIPs
    +Updated to use gfx buffers
    +Fixed controls, added buttons
    +Optimized maps
    +Fixed sound NMI
    +Fixed DAC
    +Elevator Action: updated ROMs
-Time Pilot
    +Added DIPs
    +Added video enable
    +Added new seibu sound system
-Twins HW
    +Twins: added driver with sound
    +Twins (Electronic Devices): added driver with sound
    +Hot Block - Tetrix II: added driver with sound
    +Fixed DIPs
-Zaxxon HW
    +Fixed sound
    +Fixed DIPs
    +Fixed video
    +Added samples volume
    +Super Zaxxon: added driver with sound
    +Future Spy: added driver with sound

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