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[STEAM喜+n] STEAM喜+1 《Sketch Crawler》可能转为付费


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Discussion about the future of Sketch Crawler and its monetization.

Greetings, dear Sketch Crawler players!

We invite you to take part in an important discussion about the future of our game and its monetization.

Sketch Crawler is moving towards release, but we have not yet decided how the game will pay for further development. The game has been 5 years in the making, and all this time we've been funding it with our own money, which honestly hasn't been easy.

Initially we looked at a Free to Play (F2P) model with microtransactions, similar to Hearthstone, where you could buy sealed decks, avatars, and other items for real money. However, this often drew negative reactions and as a result negative reviews. As time passed, we realized that such a model negatively affects the feel of the game in a way that feels like it's tricking players into paying money. The difficulty of the game is no longer perceived as an interesting challenge, but rather as a torment designed to send the player to the store to buy boosts.

That's why we made the decision to disable microtransactions in order to look at other options and find a better and fair way.

Right now we are thinking of choosing the option of a one-time purchase of the game for $10 on release, and selling big DLC with new content - locations, avatars, maps and abilities.

So it's important for us to hear what you think before we make a final decision. Share your thoughts. What price do you think is fair? Or maybe you have other monetization suggestions that better suit the game?

Regardless of the final decision, the game will remain free until release.

Thank you for your participation and support!

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