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Gemini - Free 2 Play announcement
After much consideration we have decided to move Gemini: Binary Conflict to a free to play model. After many years of development effort; learning and exploiting some of the cool features and idiosyncrasies of Unreal Engine, we believe we've created something engaging, colourful, and most importantly fun to play, with unique environments and mechanics.

Unfortunately we haven't had much success with the 'premium' model and seem to be stuck in a vicious cycle of players not being attracted to the game due to lack of other players (although silver lining: we have received a lot of praise for our bots/AI from our small but dedicated community).

Although it would have been nice to see some up-front reward for our efforts, by going F2P we hope to bring some value for those who have supported us so far by expanding the player base, as well as getting Gemini into the hands of as many gamers as possible (especially those on a tight budget).

We of course want to thank and acknowledge all those who have backed us so far by offering an in-game 'supporter' tag as well as access to unlock and use five cosmetic armour sets (unlocked at level 16 for each player class). We will also add this as a 'Supporter DLC' for new players who like the game and also want to support us moving forward.

We'll see everyone in-game in the next week or so (new and existing players alike),
Happy fragging!

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